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All around London people gathered yesterday to celebrate the special day. There were handfuls of pancake races, a pancake-themed book club meeting and even a Pancake Day Rave. Talk about love for pancakes!

At our studios we couldn’t exactly rave with our pancakes, but we did enjoy them with bananas, Nutella, lemon and sugar. Bene even took orders and had some fun creating pancake art!

Since we come from different countries and cultures, the debate then arose: what is the difference between a British and an American pancake? The simple distinction is that American pancakes use a leavening agent, whereas British pancakes do not. That’s why British pancakes have the consistency of a French crêpe.

So if you’re in the mood for a British pancake, all you’ll need is flour, eggs and milk; however, if you’re craving a heavier, fluffy pancake, make sure you buy some baking powder too!

PS: If you need any help remembering when Pancake Day is, we found this hilarious website to keep everyone on track.