Machine Translation: is it a substitute for humans?

When you hear someone saying ‘I’m a translator’, you likely find yourself thinking ‘we don’t need translators, we have Google Translate!’. But what’s the real impact of machine translation on human translation? Will it really replace humans altogether? Or has it replaced them already? What exactly is machine translation? Before delving deeper in trying to […]

Translation and the Most Useful Languages To Learn in 2023

Pages of books displaying the phrase 'Turn the Page'. Translation services provided by GoLocalise.

As we move into 2023 and the decade ahead, it’s important to consider which languages will be most useful to learn. While it’s difficult to predict the future with certainty, within translation, we can make educated guesses based on current trends. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most useful languages to learn […]

5 Famous Disney Voice Over Actors

Image showing 2 Mickey shaped pancakes, GoLocalise, Disney voice over artists, voice overs

Disney magic cradled our childhood and still remains quite present in this day and age, through memorable songs and iconic quotes from our favourite Disney characters. There are dozens of Disney movies created for the enjoyment of young and old alike, and which hold numerous hidden messages. Due to the high popularity of those movies, […]

What’s in an accent?

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As a leading international VO agency in the UK, you might rightly expect us to be well acquainted with the quirks and idiosyncrasies of many different languages. Indeed, our steady work over the years with a wide range of talented, international linguists has taught us a lot. In terms of the different syntaxes, grammar and […]

Languages Used in Video Games and Movies

Have you ever wondered if the languages you are hearing while watching TV or playing games are real languages or just made up a few words created for specific scenes? Well, that depends. In past years constructed languages (conlangs) have become a very common part of cinema and video games. They are made up by […]

Useful Voice Over Actor Tips

What is a voice actor? As a voice over artist you’ll possesses multiple functions and be able to work in various fields where your voice is needed, such as audiobooks, commercials, documentaries, apps, toys, announcements, as well as animated films and video games. Despite being a form of acting, actors and voice over artists can’t […]

Guess the Voice Over Artist – It’s Quiz Time!

Voice Over, image showing a drawing of a child holding a speaker.

Have you ever wondered who the voice over artists behind some of our most popular cartoon characters were? Today’s blog is a good opportunity to test your knowledge of which voice over artist dubbed these amazing characters from our favourite animated shows. Test yourself by completing our quiz. Click the image below to start the […]