Interesting Facts on 4 Popular Character Voices

Voiceover has been a part of animated (but not only) movies for almost 100 years now. Some of those voices stay with us for years after we first hear them. Voiceover artists have the power of bringing life to those movies and video games characters. Let’s have a look at some iconic movie characters which […]

Voice Over Artist Q&A Series | Philippe (French)

Philippe, one of our French VO artists, has been working as a voice over artist for more than 30 years and has gained a lot of experience throughout the years. He gives us numerous tips and advice on making a session run smoothly as well as different ways to improve and grow as a voice […]

Voice Over Artist Q&A Series | Julia (Polish)

We asked one of our Polish VO artists, Julia, to also answer a few questions regarding her life as a voice over artist. she tells us about the assets of working as such, but also the flexibility this job brings which enables her to carry out many other activities alongside, such as music and yoga. […]

Voice Over Artist Q&A Series | Weiliang (Chinese)

Weiliang has kindly agreed to share with us his experience as a Chinese VO artist; he mentions the importance of taking care of your most important tool as a VO artist: your voice! He also tells us about one aspect of the job he particularly enjoys which is doing voice overs for video games. We […]

Voice Over Artist Q&A Series | Merce (Spanish)

For today’s blog post, Merce is giving us an insight into her life as a Spanish voice over artist. She tells us a bit about her experience voicing various types of projects, including some very exciting ones, such as voicing children’s tales! Once again, we get the chance to hear some useful tips and to […]

Voice Over Artist Q&A Series | Britta (German)

Britta is a German voice over artist who regularly works with us. In today’s blog, she is sharing with us what a typical day as a VO artists looks like, as well as giving us a few useful tips. She tells us about her most exciting project, the best features of her job, as well […]

Guess the Voice Over Artist – It’s Quiz Time!

Voice Over

Have you ever wondered who the voice over artists behind some of our most popular cartoon characters were? Today’s blog is a good opportunity to test your knowledge of which voice over artist dubbed these amazing characters from our favourite animated shows. Test yourself by completing our quiz. Click the image below to start the […]