How are Non-Binary Terms Incorporated into Languages?

What are gendered languages? Those of you who speak or are familiar with languages that use grammatical gender won’t be surprised by the concept of words having gender . Which is signposted by pronouns; articles such as “the” or “a”, or even through adjective endings. The pronouns “he/she” in the English language are among the […]

Differences between North Korean and South Korean Languages

The Korean War lasted from 1950 until 1953 and halted with the signing of an armistice between the United Nations, China and North Korea. The Demilitarized Zone was established along the 38th parallel, dividing the Korean peninsula into the states of North and South Korea. Despite their long, shared history, these two neighbouring countries now […]

Languages Used in Video Games and Movies

Have you ever wondered if the languages you are hearing while watching TV or playing games are real languages or just made up a few words created for specific scenes? Well, that depends. In past years constructed languages (conlangs) have become a very common part of cinema and video games. They are made up by […]

Translation: The Role of a Translator + Useful Tips

The role of a translator is very exhaustive, working across many different fields. They can provide their translation services to several industries from government to medicine to business to education and so on. Basically, any industry that uses language could require translation. They must possess several skills in order to execute their role impeccably. It’s […]

Polish Translation and Dialects in Poland

Polish translation

We at GoLocalise have worked on Polish audiovisual translation projects for years now. Throughout history, Poland’s border has changed and parts of Poland as we know today were actually parts of different countries. Between 1795 and 1919, Poland wasn’t even recognised internationally as a country. It’s territory was split among various larger political entities before […]

Translation Mishaps: Every car has a high-quality corpse

Talking of business and translation mishaps, here are a few stories which didn’t quite translate into global successes. Ford Translation When Ford decided to use a very successful US campaign in the European market, it gave a different impression to what they had intended. Being proud of its Detroit heritage and the quality of its […]

Polish Translation and Fun Facts

We’ve been working on Polish translation projects for as long as we can remember these days. It’s a part of the Slavic language group and is spoken by around 50 million people worldwide. It’s quite an old language too – the first known sentence is dated back in 1270! Despite being considered one of the […]

What is the opposite of bulletproof?

How do you work with idioms within translation projects? There is an expression in English that people use to describe moments when coincidence seems to be working at its impressive best to bring about the most unexpected of circumstances. Perhaps you are talking to someone you have just met and, as the conversation develops, you […]

Translation of language quirks and idiosyncrasies

Every language has its quirks, but for me English produces some of the most entertaining and, from a translation point of view, baffling idioms of all. Couch Potato Consider what a ‘couch potato’ could possibly sound like to someone hearing the expression for the first time. Their thought process might go along the lines of […]

Translation and Connecting with a Global Audience?

Working in translation, one of the things I realised as I learned more about English, and the many nations that speak it as a first language, is that it is truly global. However, it is not perhaps as ubiquitous as you might think, with at least 75% of the world’s population speaking no English at […]