How does Inflation work? – Russian Voice Over

Capital is a global investment trading platform and broker who also creates educational material, online courses, and trading guides in multiple languages for their website and YouTube channel. They reached out to us with a request for help with providing timed-to-video Russian voice over recordings for their English videos. Of course, we were happy to provide our Russian voice over services as well as our Russian subtitling services.

The first step of the process required the translation and creation of Russian subtitles for the English audio. It was important to take into account that these subtitles would later be used as the script for the Russian voice over recordings and, therefore, needed to be concise to make sure the translated text was timed to the video audio properly. The videos featured different characters so the ideal Russian voice over talent would be someone versatile who could perform different voices. Our client was presented with a list of all our talents who fit the brief and could commit to a long-term project, and they were able to choose from among the different Russian voice over artists on our roster.

After successfully finding the perfect voice for their international content, we were able to start the Russian voice over sessions. We provided the VO talent with the translated scripts that were created in-house and all the materials so they could prepare before the recording. After a few hours of recording, the artist and our sound engineer were able to create perfectly timed audio files and successfully met our and the client’s expectations. In the attached video, you can see one of the examples of the work we’ve done for Capital.