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Everybody thinks that Google Translate will soon replace real translators and be able to take multilingual communication a step further.

Sometimes people seem to think that it doesn’t matter whether the translation is completely accurate, as long as it helps people understand each other. Quite simple, right?

Imagine you want to buy an electronic device from China, but the website is in Chinese. Ok. Easy. You just go to Google Translate. It might not be accurate, but at least you can find out whether the product needs batteries or will come with a charger.

Now imagine you get a prescription from the pharmacy and the leaflet has been translated by Google Translate. Would you actually trust Google for that? Really?

And what about literature or even music? What would Shakespeare say according to Google Translate? And what about the Beatles? I bet Google wouldn’t be “imagining” the same things John Lennon did…

Now, what would happen if you ran a song through Google Translate in several languages and then translate back into English?

To begin with, Queen Elsa from Frozen, who is worrying about living in a “kingdom of isolation” with “not a footprint to be seen”, should be seriously concerned about living in a “discrimination law” and having “no visible legs”.

But my favourite is definitely “I’ll make a man out of you” from Mulan. Those Chinese soldiers don’t care about defeating the Huns: they just want to “get to the point to beat Hungary”. They must have lost their map somewhere…

And who wants to be “the saddest bunch I ever met” when they can be “a depressed banana I met”?

And to be honest, once the war is over, who needs soldiers? They should be happy the captain is determined to “make a husband out of them”. Way more useful.

Goole Translate is definitely creative in its own way, or at least it makes us laugh. So, if you want to listen to Google Translate’s wonderful interpretation of “I’ll make a man out of you”, just press play!