Chinese Voice Over Artist: Meet Weiliang

Chinese Voice Over Artist: Meet Weiliang

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Chinese Voice Over Artist: Meet Weiliang

How is daily life as a Chinese Voice Over Artist

Weiliang, an experienced Chinese Mandarin Voiceover Talent, shares tips for people building a Voice Over Career or applying for voice-over jobs. For example, taking care of your voice! 

The voice is the crucial tool for Voice-Overs Actors in all languages. 

Another aspect of the job as a voice over actor, that Weiliang particularly enjoys, is doing Chinese voice overs for video games

Watch the video below with Weiliang’s answers about the profession of a voice actor.

We added English subtitles because he’s speaking Chinese Mandarin. The transcript is also available below.

Watch the Q & A session with our voice over talent, Weiliang.

The Daily Life of a Chinese Voice Over Artist

  • How would you describe your daily life as a Chinese voice over artist?

A Voice-Over artist usually has a rather packed life. It comes naturally to us. 

You should realise that you are using your voice to work every day, you are using your voice to convey messages, and you will be heard by many. 

So you should protect your vocal health on a daily basis, and do exercises for breath control. When it becomes a habit, it just comes naturally to you. And it becomes part of your daily routine.

  • What has been your most exciting Localisation Project so far?

In my career as a Voiceover artist in Chinese, I have completed many interesting projects. One of them is doing voice over for video games. It’s not easy. Video games attract audiences with beautiful images. 

Meanwhile, characters’ voices and sound effects play an important role. So even for a very short sentence, the Voice Over artist has to read it many times. Sometimes, it takes an hour to finish one sentence and make the director feel satisfied. 

When the video game gets released publicly, thousands of people will play it. You know that they will hear your voice. That makes me feel proud and satisfied. 

This is also something that interests me most about this voice over job. In other words, your voice is going to be heard by thousands of people. And the message you convey would be very interesting or important to them. 

In my view, VoiceOver artists, or to say, the job is of great importance.

Chinese Voice-Over Tips

Well, in terms of our clients, for example, when assigning the project, they will provide us with a script. To be honest, the wording sometimes can be very formal. 

This kind of script is not very suitable for voice over. So if you ask me for any suggestions I can give to the client, I’d say that when drafting the scripts, please pay attention to the wording, and maybe use colloquial and everyday language

Also, try to keep the sentences short and concise so better results can be achieved.

Chinese Voice-Over Services

Enjoyed meeting Weiliang, an experienced Chinese voice over artist? Look at other authentic Chinese Mandarin Voice Actors at Golocalise’s webpage, you could listen to Chinese Cantonese Voice-Over Samples too!

Remember, if you’d like to discuss your next project, then give us a call on +44 (0) 207 095 5730. Or email for a quote.

At Golocalise, as well as providing audio and video chinese translation services for several years, we also provide voice-over services in any language or accent, subtitling and captioning services.

We’d love to hear from you whether you need translation, voice-overs or subtitles services.

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