Voice Over Artist Q&A Series | Britta (German)

Voice Over Artist Q&A Series | Britta (German)

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Britta is a German voice over artist who regularly works with us. In today’s blog, she is sharing with us what a typical day as a VO artists looks like, as well as giving us a few useful tips. She tells us about her most exciting project, the best features of her job, as well as many other interesting things.

Check the video below to see her answers, and feel free to listen to her voice samples HERE! We have added subtitles, and the transcript is also available following the video.

Watch the Q & A session with our voice over talent, Britta.


– How would you describe your daily life as a voice over artist?

What does my daily routine look like? I wake up, make breakfast, perhaps go for a walk with the dog, maybe do a little exercise. Then usually I’ll check my emails. After, I prepare texts: read through them, research a couple of things. Then usually I’ll be in the studio. The time spent in the studio can vary: an hour, half a day, a whole day. Then I unwind. Perhaps I’ll meet with colleagues or we’ll do something. And then maybe I’ll get ready for the next job!

– What has been your most exciting project so far?

The next question was on one of my most exciting jobs. I’d say maybe it was a radio play. It was a series called “Cabin Pressure” with really great actors in it. Benedict Cumberbatch had one of the main roles, and I also had many scenes with him. The whole thing was recorded for an audience – so live. Yes, it was exciting, and it was fun to work with such good people.

– What do you love the most about your job as a voice over artist?

What do I love the most about my job? Many things! But I love that it is so varied. The fact that you interact with so many different people. And also when you get the chance to express so many different things. Convey feelings, and pack so much expression into the role or the text.

– What tips would you give a client who is working with you for the first time in order for the sessions to run smoothly?

So, the last question was whether I have any tips when it comes to recording. I’d say preparation is very important on everyone’s part. The text has to be well translated since the German language is often longer than English. And so, if it has to be timed accurately, then it is indeed important that the translation is good. It’s important to communicate well. To really say what is wanted from the VO artist. But also to let them get on with it. The first take is often actually quite good. It’s a kind of intuitive read of the script by the VO artist. And, of course, to enjoy it! Don’t forget your sense of humour! And, yes, to be nice to one another.

FUN FACT! Did you know that in the Cars series, Danilo De Girolamo, an Italian voice over artist, voiced Guido in several languages including French, Spanish and Portuguese?

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