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Casting is the first, and also one of the most important stages of the recording process. Making sure you have the most suitable voice for your project is essential for ensuring the success of the session. If we’re working from an original video, then often this voice will be taken as reference. The client may also ask for a voice sample of the talents they like most in order to make the final decision. This may involve providing a small script for the talents so they can produce a custom sample for the particular project and the client can make sure that this is the voice that they’re after.

Once the voice has been selected, it’s time to prepare the session. The script is usually split in sections, boxes, takes or paragraphs, so it is easier for the talent to read and as a reference point for our sound engineer to edit – particularly because our sound engineers are often working in languages they may not be familiar with!

We’re then all ready to go. The recording session then takes place in our recording studios. We have two soundproof studios with all the necessary equipment to guarantee the highest standards.

During the recording session, the client and the language director will be present to direct and help out the voice over artist. The talent watches the video and listens to the original audio; the language director or client gives them the relevant instructions; the talent practises the script and when they feel comfortable and ready, the sound engineer turns the sound down. Outside of the recording studio there is a red light, so when the talent is ready to record, the sound engineer switches it on, meaning that no one can go inside the studio while the light is on, as the talent is recording.

Once the talent has recorded the script, we listen to the entire recording to make sure that every one is happy with everything and check that the audio is in synch with the video. And that’s it, the audio is ready to be edited!