Saved by The Bell

Saved by The Bell

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I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Saved By The Bell”
But have you ever wondered where it originally came from?
Well, as we’re massive language geeks at ‘GoLocalise’, as soon as we hear a saying or a phrase, we can’t help but go digging into its origin …
… and every single time, we end up laughing hysterically around the office.
But the phrase “Saved By The Bell” has to hold the darkest origin that we’ve come across.

(Be warned, if you don’t like horror films, then stop reading this post now).
The origin dates back to the 1600’s and 1700’s where burying people alive was somehow a common occurrence, which resulted in people fearing succumbing to such a state.
So, in order to put people minds at ease, a special form of coffin was created that connected to a bell above the ground.
If you found yourself buried alive, you could pull some rope and the bell above the ground would start ringing. At night, guards would listen for any bells, and if heard, they’d dig up a living person and as the saying goes, save them “by the bell.”
How crazy is that?
The part that confuses me is, what must the guards do on a windy evening? You’d imagine that all the bells would be ringing? The thought makes me shudder!
Now, although “Saved By The Bell” is a common phrase/saying in some countries and languages; in others, it makes absolutely no sense at all.
That’s why, at ‘GoLocalise’, our expertise ensures that you can localise your content to over 100 languages – whether videoaudio or text – with our industry-renown services.

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