Roehampton Uni Visit on Voice Over and Translation

Roehampton Uni Visit on Voice Over and Translation

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David captivated the crowd with his presentation, where he gave a background about himself and his background in translation and voice over, detailed the ins and outs of the GoLocalise headquarters, and explored the pros and cons of working as an in-house versus freelance translator. He then gave some helpful advice on how students can make themselves stand out among a large pool of applicants when it comes to the time to apply for jobs in the translation and voice over fields.

After the presentation, the floor was opened up to the students so that they had the opportunity to ask questions. A couple of students asked what specialisation they should pursue while in their Master’s programme. The truth is that you should always specialise in what you love! Once you find something that you enjoy doing, the profit will follow.

To conclude, David introduced his book, Child-Biting, Chorizo and Chancing Your Arm. He shared his inspirations for writing it and even gave a couple of sneak previews. Then, to the audience members’ surprise, David gave each of them a signed copy.

The students left with their new books in hand and smiles on their faces.

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