Quality is Key

Quality is Key

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A good translation must be loyal to its original meaning; it needs to transmit exactly the same content as the source text, whilst not adding or deleting any idea or information. The translation must also achieve the same impact as the original text.

We are aware that when you get a document or a video translated, it’s because you want to communicate and connect in an effective way with your readers, audience or clients and expand your products and services into new markets. We believe that language should never be a barrier!

We know that behind any document (whether it’s to be read or spoken) there is a very long and elaborate process: which takes time and dedication, as a professional team of experts research, write, edit and proofread. We do the same for the material we create. Therefore we assign the text to a translator with background in the specific area. Then the proofreader verifies the translation, checking for appropriate writing style, accuracy and consistency.

Translation can be very subjective. There are always several ways to say something in a different language. The quality of a translation varies depending on content, user and business. There are some aspects that always should be respected:

– The text must be easy to read and understand.
– The text must transmit the same message as the original.
– There are no misleading interpretations or mistranslations.

When we talk about proofreading, it is easy just to think about spelling and grammar issues, but we cannot forget the content. We need to avoid ambiguity, redundancy and not let our personal opinion come across. Proofreaders ensure that the translation reads as fluently in the target language as the source text does in the source language.

During our in-house quality check process, we check for coherence, inconsistencies, vocabulary, grammar, terminology, typos, punctuation, double spaces… We pay close attention to numbers; every single figure must be double checked, especially if we are converting currencies or units of measure. We also make sure that our translators follow the latest grammar and spelling rules for the relevant language.

We want our translations to be of the same quality as the material our clients provide us. That is why the relationship with the client is also crucial: the more we know the client, the better we can understand their needs. Every single client is different, every single project is unique and nobody understands your goals better than you. So it is very important that all your expectations are clarified before starting a project and we strongly recommend our clients communicate regularly with us at every stage of the project. By clarifying things such as the target audience at an early stage, we can ensure that elements such as terminology and style meet the requirements, which will certainly help increase the quality of a translation.

The quality of a translation is crucial for success!

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