How to get your video viral

How to get your video viral

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To avoid any obstacles in your path to world domination and make sure your video can be enjoyed all over the world there are a few things you need to consider first. Translators can work miracles in getting your point across but ultimately English is one of the shortest and most concise languages in the world. Often, the foreign translation is twice as long as the English and takes twice as long to be voiced. Here’s one example of an English script that was translated into French,

Original English Script:

“And since technology doesn’t solve problems by itself, our Cloud Services provide help desk, migration, and onboarding support.”

Translation into French:

“Et comme les problèmes technologiques ne se résolvent pas seul, Un support client Cloud fournira, à vous et à vos clients, une assistance, une aide à la migration et à l’installation.”

As you can see, a literal French translation is considerably longer than the English script, so if you want a delivery that syncs to video, it just won’t work. Either it will overlap with the next line or it will be delivered so fast it will be comical and your message will be totally lost.

Thankfully this line was retranslated by one of our talented French translators who managed to condense the wording whilst still staying true to the intended meaning:

New French translation:

“Et comme les problèmes technologiques ne se résolvent pas tout seul, nos services Cloud vous fournissent assistance, migration et aide à l’installation.”

This meant that the text was delivered more naturally, at a better speed and most importantly clearer, so the customer could truly understand the message.

Happier Customers = Happier You.

So when creating your next international hit video, take a look at what’s needed, don’t treat the international market as an afterthought. Trying to densely pack all the information into a quick English voiceover simply won’t work; add a few precious seconds to the video and let the information flow and breathe, allowing the world to enjoy, understand and hopefully buy into your product.

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