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It’s true that given a large sentence or paragraph that it can struggle with the correct translation, but in recent years its accuracy has vastly improved, helping millions of people around the world understand what that crazy bit of text actually means.

Together 500 million of us have translated over 100 billion words, with Brazil using the app more than any other country. The app now supports 103 languages from around the world, helping tourists and every day users communicate with those around them or just what’s on the web.

For all this celebration and the fantastic work that has been achieved through Google Translate there’s still no substitute for human translation. Many people ask professional translators, ‘Well, can’t Google Translate do what you do?’ The answer, of course, is no.

Even though Google Translate is getting ‘smarter’, it is still not advisable to trust it with anything more than a sentence or two, and even that can be risky. The machine can generate words and phrases it has seen before, but it lacks the intuition and decision-making skills necessary to produce a polished translation, you know, that feeling that you get when you can’t explain it, but the word or phrase just sounds right or sounds wrong. Google’s interpretation of words is often still too literal, or it can’t pick up on the multiple meanings of certain words or phrases.

On the left is the Spanish equivalent of the English expression ‘The early bird catches the worm’. As you can see, Google didn’t quite get it…

So don’t leave the fate of your next project in the hands of a machine! Contact us at GoLocalise for a quality human translation every time.