Meet Britta: German Voice Over Artist

Meet Britta: German Voice Over Artist

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German Voice Over Artist: Meet Britta, a talented German Voice Over Artist working at Golocalise, our International Voice-Over Agency in London, UK.

Britta is a talented German Voice Over Artist working at Golocalise, our International Voice Over Agency in London, UK.

Here she shares what her daily life is like as a voice over talent, tells us about some of her most exciting projects, and also gives tips for voice acting jobs

Watch the video below with Britta’s answers about the profession of a voice actor. And feel free to listen to her voice samples here!

We added English subtitles because she’s speaking German. The transcript is also available below.

Watch the Q & A session with our voice over talent, Britta.

The Daily Life of a German Voice Over Artist

  • How would you describe your daily life as a German voice over actor?

I wake up, make breakfast, perhaps go for a walk with the dog, maybe do a little exercise. Then usually I’ll check my emails. 

After, I prepare texts: read through them, research a couple of things. 

Then usually I’ll be in the voice over recording studio. The time spent in the studio can vary: an hour, half a day, a whole day. 

Then I unwind. Perhaps I’ll meet with colleagues or we’ll do something. And then maybe I’ll get ready for the next voice over job!

  • What has been your most exciting German Localisation Project so far?

I’d say maybe it was a radio play. It was a series called “Cabin Pressure” with really great actors in it. Benedict Cumberbatch had one of the main roles, and I also had many scenes with him. 

The whole thing was recorded for an audience – so live. Yes, it was exciting, and it was fun to work with such good people.

  • What do you love the most about your job as a professional voice over artist?

Many things! But I love that it is so varied. The fact that you interact with so many different people. 

And also when you get the chance to express so many different things. Convey feelings, and pack so much expression into the role or the text.

German Voice Over Tips

I’d say preparation is very important on everyone’s part. 

The text has to be well translated since the German language is often longer than English. And so, if it has to be timed accurately, then it is indeed important that the translation is good.

It’s important to communicate well. To really say what is wanted from the German Voice Over Artist. But also to let them get on with it. 

The first take is often actually quite good. It’s a kind of intuitive read of the script by the Voiceover artist

And, of course, to enjoy it! Don’t forget your sense of humour! And, yes, to be nice to one another.

Do you know which of the German Accents is Best for a Voice Over?

German Voice Over Agency

Enjoyed meeting Britta, a German voice over actress who worked side by side with Benedict Cumberbatch? 😀

Look at other professional German Actors at Golocalise’s webpage, you could also listen to Swiss German Voice Over Samples or Austrian German Voice Demos.

Remember, if you’d like to discuss your next project, then give us a call on +44 (0) 207 095 5730. Or get a quote from the Client Services team.

At Golocalise, as well as providing audio and video german translation services for several years, we also provide voice over services in any language or german accent, subtitling and captioning services.

We’d love to hear from you whether you need translation, voice overs or subtitles services.


Can a German voice over artist provide translation services as well?

Yes, some German voice over artists also offer translation services. They can translate the original script or content into German and then provide the voice over recording in the translated language. This ensures that the final product is culturally appropriate and effectively conveys the intended message to the German-speaking audience.

How long does it take for a German voice over artist to complete a project?

The time required to complete a project with a German voice over artist can vary depending on factors such as the length and complexity of the script, the artist’s availability, and the workload they have at the time. It’s best to discuss the project timeline with the voice over artist or agency directly to ensure they can meet your desired deadline.

Can I request a sample or demo from a German voice over artist before hiring them?

Yes, it is common to request a sample or demo from a German voice over artist before making a hiring decision. Most professional voice over artists have demo reels or samples available on their websites or online platforms. By listening to their demos, you can assess their voice quality, style, and suitability for your project.

Are there any specific technical requirements for working with a German voice over artist?

Working with a German voice over artist typically requires providing them with the script or content to be recorded in advance. It’s important to ensure the script is well-prepared and clearly formatted. Additionally, if you have any specific technical requirements for the recording, such as file formats or audio specifications, it’s advisable to communicate those to the artist or voice over agency in advance.

What rights do I have over the final German voice over recording?

The rights over the final German voice over recording can be negotiated between you (the client) and the voice over artist. It’s important to discuss the usage rights and any potential restrictions or limitations upfront. Some voice over artists may offer different licensing options, such as one-time use or unlimited usage, for different pricing. Clarifying the rights and licensing terms beforehand ensures a smooth working relationship and avoids any misunderstandings.

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