E-Learning Translation and Voice-Over Guide for Business

E-Learning Translation and Voice-Over Guide for Business

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E-Learning Translation and Voice-Over Guide for Business. Picture of a woman biting a pencil in front of a laptop (probably e-learning) by jeshoots at Unsplash. Unsplash License.

In the last few years, there has been a vast shift towards e-learning translation, voice-overs and localization. Remote learning is the norm today with on-demand, virtual slideware, modules, and videos. 

Educational content must be multilingual, engaging, and well-produced to be engaging. Some of the challenges faced by organizations today are maintaining a professional, brand-consistent tone to increase retention and engagement. 

This guide discusses the role of e-learning translation services in delivering tailored, engaging training materials for global audiences and outlines the process for achieving this goal.

Why is E-Learning Localization so Important?

Cultural factors and language have a huge impact on the ability to learn. People tend to learn things faster and easier in their native language because our brain is structured to retain information in languages that we are comfortable with. 

Additionally, businesses that invest in the localization of their training materials for global employees are likely to be considered industry leaders. Here are a few reasons why e-learning translation and localization are important.

Corporate Users

For corporates, it is crucial to provide localized e-learning translation courses for international staff members to train them about new processes. Online materials can also be used to deliver information about new regulations and safety requirements which is vital for the performance quality of employees. 

New Hires 

Virtual training is also effective for delivering training to new hires. Organizations that localize their training materials to help international employees can help improve the effectiveness of critical processes, corporate policy, and onboarding training. It also makes new employees feel supported.  


E-learning translation for education courses proves to be critical for in-person as well as remote learning. Localization is required for course catalogs, syllabi, and courseware to serve the needs of international students. 

Compliance Training

Localization for compliance training is important because compliance requirements can vary based on region. It provides a standard platform to ensure that everyone in the global training has access to accurate, easy-to-understand training materials. 

Reseller Training 

Resellers that represent an organization’s products and services in international markets need training to ensure they have updated and accurate information about products, service policies, and warranties. Localization plays an important role here in ensuring that the target market receives the right information. 

E-Learning Translation Process

Localization goes beyond the translation of the text. It also addresses other aspects of how information is presented to audiences, including color, images, and layout. When it comes to e-learning, it is crucial to ensure that the information is culturally relevant

When localizing e-learning courses and materials, it is important to have a basic understanding of the processes and services involved so you can choose one that is the most appropriate for your target audience. 

E-learning Translation 

Content translation is a multi-step process that ensures clarity and accuracy. Audiovisual translation starts with transcription. The transcribed text is then translated while ensuring that the original message and information are preserved. 

Materials can be translated into any language required. Once translated, you can choose from voice-over to subtitling, depending on the project’s nature and the target audience’s preference. 

Check out our complete translation rates guide.


Once the e-learning content translation is completed, the next step is to add subtitles to the video. It is important to work with experienced subtitlers that understand how to respect the space and style constraints in subtitling. 

The on-screen captions and text in the video can also be graphically edited to ensure that the final subtitles will be flawless and perfectly synchronized. 

Check our Subtitling Rates Guide.


For projects where subtitling is not appropriate, a voice-over is an ideal option. With a voice-over, the original dialogues and audio in the video are replaced with translated voice-overs recorded by professional voice artists

For important communications, adding a voice-over to the content ensures that the information is clearly understood by the audience. It is important to hire professional native voice-over artists for your e-learning project to ensure cultural appropriateness, the right intonation, and pronunciation for the best results.  

If you are a Voice-Over artist, this guide about how much voice actors make will be helpful.

E-learning Localization in Over 100 Languages 

You need more than e-learning translation to localize your videos for a global audience. Successful localization is a complex process and requires you to work with experienced subtitlers, translation professionals, voice actors, sound engineers, and project managers. 

A professional translator can also spot the annoying false friends in translation!

GoLocalise is an English localization agency in the UK that can deliver tailored and integrated language solutions with stringent quality control processes, in-house process managers, sound engineers, and a pool of talent that has the ability to translate and localize in over 100 languages. 

GoLocalise is focused on delivering a comprehensive package of all the solutions you need for e-learning localization. Our project managers will walk you through the process and handle the entire project from start to finish so you can focus on the core aspects of your business. 

We hope this guide about E-Learning Translation and Voice-Over for business has help you.

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