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Rapper, Futuristic, takes the Emoji language to a whole new level!

For a long time now we have had Emoji’s available to us for the use of extra expression or valued emphasis for our speech or comments posted on the Internet. Since the days of MSN in the years 2000’s, which used to be my own personal reason for rushing home after school. And more times than not the cause of serious arguments with my siblings, fighting over one computer!

It is clear that Emoji’s have been implementing themselves into our daily lives for a long time, more now than ever with the use of mobile phones and applications such as ‘BBM’ and ‘WhatsApp’.  It has been agreed that the use of Emoji’s has helped improve communication and the level of understanding that we can reach whilst being restricted to use of body language and facial expressions. For example, someone can go from a “dying from laughter” situation; . To an awkward/nervous smile; . These Emoji’s have the power to completely change the context of the conversation, as the youths of South London would say: “from 0 to 100 real quick ”.

Also, on other news, the Emoji language is now being considered by banks to be used for the new password interface for online banking because studies show that they are easier to remember. How true this is, I don’t know. How safe security wise this is, I don’t know either. It just comes to show how relevant the Emoji language has come to be in this day and age that we are taking it to that step forward and involving it in our daily lives even more.

Click here for the link into the article for Emoji passwords.

To conclude, whether you’ve found yourself involved with the Emoji language or not, it might not be too late to start using it as you go along because by the looks of it this language is moving in the direction of very much being at the top of the trend list for year 2016.