Catching up with GoLocalise

Catching up with GoLocalise

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As this year’s unusually warm summer finally peters out and the cold rapidly begins to bite, we thought we would make the most of this change in the seasons to welcome you back into our company, and let you know about what we have been up to in our studios over the past few weeks.

We’ve been working on a wide variety of projects, and the team has been working hard on a vast array of subtitling, translation, and voiceover projects – and, most importantly, a pumpkin carving competition. More on this to follow…

As always, every project has its own challenges and puzzles that require solving. And none have done so more than some recent voiceover projects we have recently had the pleasure of working on in the studio. On more than one occasion over the past few weeks, we have taken care of complex voiceover projects including over ten languages, and fifteen voice talents each over the course of just a few days. Although by no means simple, the reward of putting together such interesting projects makes the effort worth it all.

Beyond the stimulating challenges of multilingual projects, part of why we love doing what we do is the wide variety of professional fields the translation projects we work with cover. We have recently had the pleasure of working on translation projects as diverse as they come. Covering a wide variety of topics ranging from recording voice over for new film trailers, to creating subtitles for complicated technical and scientific videos, our small team has had the pleasure of working on some very exciting projects.

And before saying goodbye for now, we thought we’d leave you with a few pictures from our office where we recently had a small pumpkin carving competition to celebrate Halloween.

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